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Debugger for MySQL: SQL Window


The concept behind the SQL Window is similar to that of the Expression Evaluator. However, this is a much more powerful testing and debugging tool offered exclusively by Debugger for MySQL. Unlike the Expression Evaluator, SQL Window is capable of returning whole data sets instead of a single value and allows you to execute any SQL commands in the same connection, transaction and, most importantly, current execution context. For any given variable, you can view its value, change it or execute an arbitrary expression with it acting as a parameter.

The SQL window works even if the debugging process has not been started. In this case, however, it will operate in the normal mode and the current context will not be processed. This feature gives you the freedom of writing arbitrary SQL commands as if they are located inside a procedure or function. The SQL window is also a fully-functional console for SQL commands – even the ones that are run outside an execution context. This unique feature of Debugger for MySQL will be highly appreciated by professional developers, as it really gears them up for ultra-fast development and allows them to get a wider perspective on their code structure.

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The latest version has been released on September 11, 2021

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