A special offer for blog and site owners

We at MyDebugger.com, being developers ourselves, know the value of quality developer tools. We value our product very high - that is why we decided to run a special offer. Do you have a blog or a personal page? Do you like our Debugger for MySQL? Now you can benefit both!


We ask you to write a review or a use-case for our product and put a simple link to us in that post. We exchange every such review to a free license for Debugger for MySQL!

The details of the offer are as follows:
  1. Write a post or a review or an article about Debugger for MySQL at your blog or a personal page. We accept just any website or blog (excluding porn, malware and illegal content), though resources for developers get higher priority.

  2. Let us know about your review by e-mail special_offer@mydebugger.com

  3. Get a license for our product for free!

Latest version

The latest version has been released on September 11, 2021

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"...Aptly named “Debugger for MySQL”, I found this inexpensive tool to be quite easy to get the hang of, since it looks and behaves like most programming debugging environments."

"...Debugger for MySQL is a prime example of a tool that does one thing and does it well."


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