Working with MySQL Debugger under Linux

Debugger for MySQL is a Windows application. However, MySQL is a cross-platform technology that is used mostly under Linux OS. That's why we have decided to introduce this short tutorial explaining how you can use Debugger for MySQL under Linux via Wine. The tutorial was tested under Ubuntu v10.04 and Debugger for MySQL v1.2

1. Install Wine

Briefly, Wine is a software package that allows you to run Windows applications under other operating systems, including Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. By default, Wine isn't installed with your Linux, so here are the steps you should follow to install Wine.

1.1 Run Package Manager via the System menu:

1.2 Find Wine package in the list. To do this, click the Search button and type "wine" in the dialog:

1.3 Next, right-click the name of the package in the list and select "Mark for installation" or simply press Ctrl+I. Note that to install Wine properly you should confirm the installation of all dependencies, that is - packages Wine is dependent on.

1.4 Wait until Package Manager downloads and installs all required packages and dependencies.

Ok, Wine is installed and ready to run now.

2. Installing Debugger for MySQL under Linux via Wine

First of all, please download the latest version of Debugger for MySQL.

2.1 Download the installer with any download manager

2.2 Right-click the file and select "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader" menu command to run the installer with Wine.

Wait until Wine is loading and initializing.

2.3 Once Wine has started, the installer of Debugger for MySQL should run. Follow the steps of the setup wizard.

Ok, Debugger for MySQL has been successfully installed.

3. Running Debugger for MySQL under Linux

The shortcut for running Debugger for MySQL is located in Applications\Wine\Programs\Debugger for MySQL.

3.1 To run the MySQL debugger, open the Applications\Wine menu, and in the Programs sub-menu find Debugger for MySQL. Run it.

3.2 Now we should configure the connection settings. Specify a host, a port and authentication info that is required to connect to the database of your choice.

3.3 Click the "Test connect" button to check the connection.

That is all! To learn more on how you can use Debugger for MySQL and to learn different tips and tricks, please refer to the Quick Start section.