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The autocomplete option significantly reduces the development time: depending on what piece of code you’re editing now, it automatically pops up a list with code suggestions that suit best of all here, once you pressed the ‘.’ key.

Debugger for MySQL: Autocomplete

This code completion list includes column names or aliases, table names, embedded or user defined functions etc. The suggestion list considers where in the line a cursor is and adjusts its contents according to the situation. Whether you write a SELECT statement or INSERT new lines to a table, or want to perform a JOIN – in either case code completion offers the most appropriate suggestions. Also, as you start typing the first letters of a statement you need, the completion lists filters its contents to meet your intent.

Debugger for MySQL: JOIN Autocomplete

The feature works 100% transparently, just like it does in any other development framework like Visual Studio or Delphi. Conveniently, you can bring up the code completion window manually with the CTRL+SPACE hotkey. To hide the completion list, press the ESC key.

Debugger for MySQL: JOIN condition Autocomplete

Note that the entire autocomplete feature is highly customizable. You can optionally turn off the auto pop up (see Tools->Options\Editor\Automatic features\Code completion), adjust the JOIN and JOIN condition completion, the completion on databases, embedded functions and reserved keywords too.

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The latest version has been released on September 11, 2021

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